Is ‘My Strange Addiction’ Real or Fake? Fans Think TLC Exaggerated Too Much

It’s not always TLC that exaggerates addictions for good TV. Sometimes, the network’s subjects allegedly toy with the truth just to nab their 15 minutes of fame. According to a bombshell Gawker report on April Brucker (as bombshell as a report on a C-list reality star can get), the alleged puppet addict is simply a comedian who uses ventriloquism in her act. It’s called muscular dysmorphia, or bigorexia, and like any addiction, it can take over someone’s life and cost them money, relationships, and even their health. Yes, despite what your significant other says, video game addiction is real, and it’s probably not what they have if you’re still in a relationship with them. Video game addiction is usually characterized by compulsive game playing, usually of online role playing games, to the detriment of one’s personal and professional life.

woman addicted to drinking paint

Meanwhile, Bianca who occasionally ate dirt as a child, now craves pottery and ashes more than food or water. Profiling a woman who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on breast augmentation, even though the implants have caused an infection; and a woman who can’t stop eating adhesive tape. 20-year-old Shannon is addicted to gasoline, drinking about 15 teaspoons woman addicted to drinking paint everyday. Will a family intervention finally convince Shannon to get help? Meanwhile, 24-year-old Lacey has been carrying and smelling her doll head “Suzie Q” everywhere she goes. Trina and her husband Mike have done nearly 7,000 coffee enemas over the last two and a half years; Lisa has been addicted to licking her cat and eating clumps of hair for three years.

The Woman Addicted to Drinking Nail Polish

For over two decades, Adele has been zipping open cushions and ripping off clunks of foam to snack on. Whenever she feels worried or stress, she knows her cushions have her back. Sadly, her eating habits have made it so that her cushions no longer have her family’s back because they have nowhere to sit on. There are many reasons for your wall Sober House to crumble slowly. A 26-year-old young woman who loves to pull out chunks of drywall and nibble on them. Season One’s obsessed ventriloquist, April, spends 80 hours a week with her puppets and has spent around $200,000 over the past decade on her hobby. Things got so out of hand that her fiancé gave her an ultimatum – him or the puppets.

Cyntrelle spends up to eight hours everyday cleaning her home; Belinda excessively collects rocks. You can now add latest scene releases to your collection with Add to Trakt. More features and updates coming to this app real soon. woman addicted to drinking paint In a very NSFW interview withVice, Kylo seemed well aware of how her kink and a show likeMy Strange Addictioncould be perceived by mainstream audiences. “Society still has its boot on the neck of self-expression,” she said.

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She drives up to an hour away from her Virginia home to gather the stones she finds most appetizing. Tamara is a 33-year-old personal trainer whose been carrying around her childhood pillow for over 25 years. Tamara takes her pillow everywhere – to work, to the mall, on long walks – and considers it her best friend. You can get all the latest TV Shows & Movies release news direct to your Twitteror Facebook. Things reportedly came to a head when the camera crew tagged along on Lauren’s family vacation and prompted her to run around in the fursuit in public.

woman addicted to drinking paint